The Beginning of The Beginning

The Beginning of The Beginning The Beginning of the beginning

The Beginning of The Beginning

Diana Mood and Terry Graham from The Global Transformation Network

The first book in a series from Diana Mood and Terry Graham, founders of The Global transformation Network (GTN).  The Beginning of The Beginning offers an in depth look at the life changing events that culminated into the development of GTN into what it has become today, a global leader is disability training and resources.

The road to success has had more than a few bumps along the way.  Diana and Terry share some of their favorite stories in a manner that gives the reader a feeling of sitting next to them on their journey.

What are they?” Diana asked the driver.
Hyenas.” he replied. “Hyenas hunt at night. They like to hunt by…

excerpt from Ethiopian Lights in the Night

When the lesson concluded, the mood in the room became somber and silent.
Finally, one very tall older gentleman stood up.
“We didn’t know.” he slowly began to explain. “We have all seen people like this in our villages, people with these symptoms.”…

excerpt from We Didn’t Know

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