IWMC 2017


This disability workshop is highly interactive and universally relevant.  Speakers will challenge us to a deeper level of experiencing and understanding the heart of Christ and HIS love for all people, everywhere, who suffer and who live with disabilities.  You will learn to recognize the many faces of disability more clearly in your home, family, neighborhood, church, mission field, etc.

Below, you will find all of the resources presented by The Global Transformation Network a tthe 2017 IWMC.

Diana Mood –GTN10

The Global Transformaiton Network3 GTN dTOT CHE Lessons

Disabilities and Suffering: Curse or Calling?

Understanding Visible and Invisible Disabilities

Visible and Invisible Disabilities Master Chart

Global Disability StatisticsGlobal Disability Statistics

Global Disability Statistics

Global Prevalence of Disabling Conditions

World Report on Disability

World Health Info Graphics

World Health Info GraphicsGood Health Infographic

PHE Prevention Diseases Infographic

Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases

Suicide Facts and Figures 2014

Vector Borne Diseases infographic

WHD2016 Diabetes Infographic v2

World Health Reports and RecommendationsWorld Health Reports and Recommendations

Principles Related to the Provision of Mobility Devices

UN Standard Rules. Equalization of Opps for PLWD

Power Point GraphicsPower Point Graphics

Water Tower Diagram

Global Disability Fact Sheet

Disability Model Comparison Chart

GTN5 Lists of People Jesus Healed

List 1

List 2

List 3

List 4

List 5

Individual PWD Card Illustrations

Blind Bartimeaus

Blind Man in Bethesda

Casting out Legion in Man of Gaderene

Deaf Mute of Decapolis

Epileptic Boy

Gethsemene Guard’s Ear

Jesus heals disabled woman disabled for 18 years who couldn’t stand up straight

Jesus Raises Lazara from the dead

Leper Jesus instructed to offer ritual sacrifices and to be Quiet

Man born Blind

Man with Withered Hand

Paralytic at Pool of Bethesda

Peters mother in law at Capernum

Raising Jarius’ Daughter from the Dead

Ten Lepers healing in the way to Jerusalem

Through the Roof

Women with issue of blood

Terry Graham –GTN10

Comparing Relief and Development

Girls Education Alliance Report

Power Point Photos

Harmful Traditional Practices

Heavy Metal Poisoning

Lead Poisoning Info-graphic

Making the home and Community Accessible

Medicines and Toxins

Protecting Children from the Environment


Transforming Hearts…Transforming the Globe