About GTN

About The Global Transformation Network

Transform hearts… Transform Africa.

Integrating disability advocacy and community development within a Biblical context.

HistoryGlobal Transformation Network

The Global Transformation Network, Inc. is a US, 501c (3) Christian organization, working on behalf of Africa’s persons with disabilities (PWD). Our mission is to be a catalyst within organizations working among the marginalized populations of the world by integrating disability awareness and advocacy strategies into their existing programs. The goal is to relieve the suffering and hopelessness of PWD by giving them access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

GTN’s work officially began in 2000, in response to the unprecedented scope of human suffering in Ethiopia, particularly among (PWD). We purposed to bring hope and a future to the lives of Africa’s 100 million disabled individuals, beginning in Ethiopia and now expanding into other countries through training trainers from established organizations, churches and groups in disability awareness and advocacy.

The Plan

Global Transformation NetworkFor eight years we implemented familiar western approaches. We experienced wonderful, but minimal, results. Suddenly, in December 2008, we witnessed a miraculous moment when the idea of loving and serving persons with disabilities crossed a seemingly impenetrable threshold and began to spread like wildfire, expanding from Ethiopia to Kenya, now to West Africa…Sierra Leone, Liberia and soon to Ghana, Nigeria and beyond.

Early in 2008 we discovered the exponential power of two critical strategies:

(1) The efficiency and effectiveness of injecting disability awareness and advocacy into the existing infrastructures of global partners to optimize the use of limited resources and produce better results.

(2) The integration of disability awareness and advocacy into the community development movement by coordinating efforts among partners, writing new disability focused curriculum, sharing useful ideas, best practices and materials and encouraging each other.

Through culturally-appropriate training programs, we reveal Biblical truths pertaining to PWD’s. These new insights motivate positive changes in peoples’ beliefs, behaviors and their communities. The energy of local volunteers is utilized to overcome the historical physical, social and spiritual discrimination towards PWD. In this way, communities and individuals are empowered to overcome indifference, prejudice and cruelty towards PWD.

The Message

Global Transformation NetworkLocal churches are proclaiming the Gospel message to ever expanding numbers of PWD through new demonstrations of love, acceptance and compassion toward them.

Local communities are changing their attitudes towards PWD, beginning to esteem and assist PWD in various ways.

PWD are coming out of the shadows of despair, isolation and low self esteem, attending church, school, etc….

The Future

Global Transformation NetworkWe have reached a critical moment in time where the intersection of people, message and circumstances has reached a tipping point, where the potential for change is a certainty.

We will follow this catalytic track as it evolves over time and geography. We will use “multi-national disability training of trainers teams”, DTOT1, to criss-cross Africa injecting the disability message into many countries by partnering with multiple organizations. They in turn will infuse this life changing message into their own staff, trainings and infrastructures thus achieving the ultimate goal of eradicating ignorance, indifference and cruelty towards PWD and building a new culture of compassion.

Global Transformation Network