Christmas is  all over the Charlestown Retirement Campus

Is your gift this year…presence or presents?  Most of us need and desire the fellowship and the presence of those whom we love.  That’s what makes community among us.  To whom will you give the gift of “PRESENCE” this holiday time?  OVER Tea or a cup of coffee.  OVER A meal or lunch together.  OVER A chat.  A meaningful talk over a sad, painful or joyful time.  Lots of giggling, loud laughing, bantering with jokes and teasing!

Sitting together quietly near the lighted tree, teddy bears below and unique Christmas balls…maybe ribbons, probably no longer tinsel, but glitter of some kind.  Sitting in the warmth and glow of the fireplaces’ ambiance…a calm, sense of peace and security envelop us.

This is a gift of PRESENCE.  Can you give it, or do you need to receive it?

Maybe the gift of PRESENCE happens when it isn’t planned or is happening without knowing it.  Over coffee or coke and a sandwich in the Terrace or Shortline.  You just happen to meet and sit down together.  As you say, “Goodbye,” each of you realize you received and gave a gift to each other.

Christ our Present fills us with His Holy Spirit Presence

Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift. 2 Cor. 9:15u

Building community, loving neighbors, discerning needs, sharing Christ. We hope that you receive gifts of PRESENCE during this season.  May you know or find that “the child of hope” is born to you. 

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Go Glocal with Us…Global and Local …. Merry Christmas!

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