A baby…

Global Transformation NetworkA baby….

A baby…that Kings travel by the star through the deserts…to see and bow before this child…

How has this baby impacted your life?

How has the birth of Christ impacted your life?

Global Transformation Network

Has HE been your Comforter: Shattered dreams, losses, grief, addiction?

Is HE your Deliverer: idols, depression, catastrophe?

As a woman: status, value, honor among men, mercy?

As someone living with disability: elevated, Luke 14, inclusion, affirmation
Through the decades the status of women is changing; heroines of the faith have shown this baby’s value of women. We gain glimpses of those living with disability as we age; we are so grateful that HE has elevated disability and age…and gives eternal life; HE gives us JOY inexpressible, enlarges the “eyes of our hearts” and deepens our ability to love. Christ is our recompense.
We are endowed with this baby’s gifts by believing and trusting in HIM, Christ only.

GTN shares and spreads the message of Christ to give hope, healing and wholistic health.

We need prayer and finances to enable GTN to continue to share and spread the Gospel Message…especially to the vulnerable, forgotten, downtrodden….

Merry Christmas to you with much love, Terry Taylor Graham, Diana Mood, David Graham

The Global Transformation Network, Inc., 719 maiden Choice Lane HR510, Catonsville, MD 21228
terry@gtininc.org; dianagtn1@gmail.com; dawitbg22@gmail.com
Tax dedudtible; Paypal on www.gtninc.org; personal checks; 443-386-2941

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