13 Good Reasons to Care About Persons Living with Disabilities

  1. The Global Transformation NetworkI will be rewarded in heaven. Luke 14:14
  2. I’m told to be kind to them. Ephesians 4:32
  3. I’m commanded to love them. John 13:35
  4. I need to love them not just in with words, but with deeds. I John 3:18
  5. If I love them, everyone will know I am His disciple. John 13: 35
  6. What I do for the least of them, I do for Jesus. Matt 25:40
  7. The weaker parts are uniquely gifted to serve. I Peter 4:10
  8. The weaker parts are indispensable and deserve special honor. 1 Cor. 12:22,23
  9. God loves them.
  10. Someone I know could be one of them.
  11. Someone I love could be one of them.
  12. I could become one of them.
  13. I am one of them.

Finding My Way Back

I live in Catonsville, MD, 2 miles from St Agnes Hospital where I was born.  I have lived my entire life in Maryland; 48 years in Western Howard County, MD. My maternal grandparents are buried in the National Cemetery about three miles as the bird flies from my apartment window.

Why do I review this with you? Because Coming Back is a non-sequitur for me in the ordinary sense of coming back, because I never really left.

Yet, in the intervening years I have traveled the globe: Europe, Eurasia, Far East, Middle East, East and West Africa, South America, etc…etc…

But, the last six months have taken me to new and different places…the world of people living with disabilities.  Ironic, isn’t it?  I’ve spent most of my adult life encouraging and training people to love and serve people living with disabilities and …ShaZam…I am one.

Gradually, I am Finding My Way Back to a semblance of what was, albeit missing a few body parts. I’m slowly regaining my strength as the pain is subsiding. I even sat through a two-hour meeting today working on GTN’s new website format, Facebook page and plans for GTN’s May 1&2 Disability Training in Phoenix, AZ.

I still have many upcoming medical appointments, a hallmark of this new tour of the very challenging world of disability as a person living with several disabilities:

  • March 23 Geneticist report on CHK2 gene
  • March 24 Mercy Hospital…hopefully the final 2 drains get removed
  • March 28 Oncologist to discuss chemo or no chemo: I vote NO chemo!!
  • March 31 Eye Ultrasound and Retinal Surgeon pre-op appointment
  • April 14 Left eye vitrectomy
  • April 30 Fly to Phoenix

So, my friends, personal experience is indeed the best teacher. I want to be a very good learner so I will have more nuggets of truth to share with others on similar journeys.

Your uplifting prayers sustain me. As you think of me, please continue.

Love to all,


If you want to learn more about Diana and her journey, go to www.caringbridge.org, sign up and enter Diana Mood or go to www.caringbridge.org/visit/findingmyway . Try to find the humor sprinkled in among the weeds!

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