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gtnThe best way to find information about GTN’s past activities is to open CURRENT PROJECTS and in the SEARCH line put in a year…2010, 2011, 2012.  Then advance through the previous or next month arrows.  As you do this you will come upon various summary posts of our training.

Our goal is to keep more current with all our postings.

The American staff will be traveling internationally again in the Fall of 2013, so come back and look for more details about these trips as the time approaches.  Our very faithful and talented staff in Ethiopia continues to conduct monthly training in various parts of the country on a regular basis.  As we receive field reports we will post them.  Here is one field quote from a 2012 training:

“Disability TOT I & II for Master trainers and volunteer trainers from two Wereda (districts) in Ethiopia

Wolita dTOT (disability training of trainers)1 Training Report from August 6-8/2012

Wolita Sodo is one of the places where Life Wind Ethiopia has implemented the CHE (community health evangelism) program.  Currently LWE works collaborated with Ketna Kale Heywet Church, the CHE program implemented in two Weredas.There are 6 Master Trainers who are assigned to these 2 Awrajas and also there are 2 Master Trainers now assigned in a ketene level as a coordinator of the 2 Weredas .The dTOT1 Training is given for 8 Master Trainers and 2 volunteer trainers for a total of 10 trainees participating in the training. The training was conducted by Sr. Amelework [CHE Disability Facilitator] and Sharon A. [CHE Women’s Ministry Facilitator] for 3 days. This is the first training in this region focused on disability. Before we start the training we ask about their expectations.They said,…” we want to learn the cause of disability, what the Word of God says about disability, how to work with People With Disabilty, and what will be our parts.”

These were their expectations. We conduct the training according to our schedule.  The training was challenging and very interesting some of the lessons even were totally new for them. However, we finished our training successfully. Their understanding  for disability  and PWDs (people with disabilit) is almost similar to what the community have being following  all along for a period of time seeing  disability  as a curse, and  not giving that much attention and care  for  them. Some of the trainees who came to this training have a leading position in church and they told us the PWDs are afraid to come in to the church and we as leaders are not even concerned about them as a member or include them in the church activities. The lesson, Care for the Care Givers, also impressed them because usually they said “we look at the people living with disabilities first, but as of now the burden of the care givers should also not be ignored”

Finally, they raised their fears about how they may continue this ministry since it is all new, but we told them they must carry it on like one of their CHE activities and teach the community this priceless lesson. Jesus is the master of our work. And these trained master trainers went on and trained 20 volunteer additional trainers (in disability advocacy).”



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